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Why Are So Many Companies Switching To Authority Branding?

The Answer Is Simple … consumers are DEMANDING THE BEST. In order to thrive in todays customer concentric market place, you need not only need to BE THE BEST, but you must be able to PROVE WHY you are best choice for the customer. That’s why Natasha’s 5 Step authority branding formula is the #1 Method For Business Owners wanting to create a sustainable brand.


It’s step by step – Natasha has made it super simple.

Natasha has created this workshop so that you can learn the formula in 5 EASY STEPS and USE it in your business IMMEDIATELY to create results.

Learn with case studies & examples

Natasha gives you case studies and examples to help you replicate the success of others using the formula


Workshop How To Apply It In Your Business

You will not only learn the formula, but you will begin to workshop the practical application of the formula in your business


Authority Branding will give you strong credibility in the eyes of your customers. This will skyrocket your profile and your profits.

How Do You Stand Out In A Crowded, Attention Deficient Marketplace?

Need You need to get the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT CUSTOMER in the RIGHT WAY. Authority Branding will literally TRANSFORM the way your customers see you.


People simply won’t buy from you if they don’t understand what exactly what you can do for them. You will not only learn the steps needed to formulate the right message when you attend Natasha’s Authority Branding Workshop, but you will also start to craft the right message for your business.


A big mistake that many businesses make is that they try to market everything to everybody.

That just doesn’t cut it these days. This age of abundantly available information has seen a level of unprecedented specialisation. If your messages aren’t going to the right audience for your business, your message could be falling on deaf ears.


Are you marketing to prospective customers using THEIR preferred mediums and methods?

Authority branding takes care of this. You will be providing an education style way of communicating your right message to your right audience, and providing them with information that helps them.


Natasha Howie

Natasha Howie is one of Australia’s leading Authority Marketing experts. She has been seen on Channel 9, Brisbane Business News, NBC and has even had her own radio interview series.

Natasha is able to help her clients to increase their results by up to tenfold because she analyses everything from a psychological level and transforms this information into simple, powerful BUSINESS RESULTS.

Here Are Just Some Of The Fantastic Benefits Of Authority Branding

You will really get the impact of this when you attend Natasha’s Authority Branding Workshop

Right Messaging

More Profits

Attract Ideal Clients

Be Heard

Skyrocket Profits

More Referrals

Faster Growth

Expert Status

Easier Marketing

More Clients

Amazing Results Working with Natasha